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OK, what?!
h0m54r wrote in opera_browser
 Opera (10.1) was working fine on my Mac (10.6.3) this morning. There was a power cut during the day, and restarting it gave... this. Spot the problem.

Opera... but not as we know itOpera... but not as we know it

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(Quitting and restarting Opera fixed it thankfully; I was reduced to using Safari!)

Quit and restore fixes most issues I find.

If you're going to put up a screenshot in future, it's worth having it at a resolution that lets other people actually see what the problem is - it all looked rather blurred to me.

It's clickable (twice) to get the full resolution...

Ah, go it. Looks like Opera temporarily lost it's pointer to the font repository. That sort of screen appears for me when I'm looking at content in a character set I don't have support for, such as when I first opened up a Chinese page on a new machine that didn't have any double byte character sets installed.

(Deleted comment)
Presumably that would only affect the page rendering? Note that the UI elements (address bar, search button, zoom, etc. etc.) are all affected - not a single piece of text Opera is displaying is rendering! (The only bits of text that are are the title bar and menu bar, which OS X looks after.)

(Deleted comment)
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