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Opera 11
Mr. Anonymous
adcott wrote in opera_browser
Opera 11 has just been released.

New features:
  • Extensions!
  • Tab stacking
  • Visual mouse gestures
  • Address field fiddling
  • Changes to the functionality of the mail panel
Note: Opera have decided to remove the protocol (http://) from the address field for some reason - if you're like me you'll find this change oddly disconcerting, but fortunately it can be put back in opera:config.

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That was quick, I only install RC2 yesterday!
I do like tab stacking and I've been using a few exentions. I've disabled visual gestures though, I don't see the need.

Where's the option in opera:config to enable http in the address bar?

Where's the option in opera:config to enable http in the address bar?

Click Me

Having just upgrade installed Opera 11 from 10.63, I've put the http:// bit back onto my URLs (and the endings too, for that matter).

I've had a hunt around, but I can't find any way to get rid of the annoying "badge" to the left of the address field. I know Opera means well with this functionality, but I find it immensely irritating, personally; I already have a security button and an Opera Turbo status button on the Status bar running along the bottom of my browser, so this extra badge is totally superfluous IMHO.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I get some crashes, but oh well. It makes hotmail work again, in that neverending struggle. Microsoft sometimes doesn't manage to break their site fast enough to confound a beta release.

Opera v11 actually covers my three most common reasons for opening up firefox. I think I will only use firefox now to do taxes or fill out some other crucial form online.

In some styles of LJ, Opera 11 does not display comments in the thread (everything works fine on Chrome).

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